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Thousands of independently owned tech repair shops are waiting to help you get your tech fixed today. Find one now and help support your community, the environment and the economy.

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The Tech Care Association’s primary mission is to raise awareness of the availability of important tech repair services that exist in your community while promoting a higher level of professionalism in the industry. Our members are well trained professionals that provide convenient, fast and affordable tech repair services from a simple cracked screen to complex data recovery services – 90% of these services can be completed while you wait!

Take your tech to an independent repair shop first. Where you will get unbiased advice from a friendly expert who is experienced in all things repair.

Most issues are repairable!

Independent Tech Repair

Cracked screens on a phone are the most common repair seen in a local tech repair shop. This is also one of the easiest repairs a professional can complete. We recommend calling ahead to see if your local shop has the screen in stock and can complete the repair quickly. Sometimes there is additional damage that will need ot be addressed. Don’t shop around for the lowest price look for a shop with good reviews that will stand behind their work.

Liquid damage (aka, water damage) is a serious issue for all things tech. What ever you do don’t believe the urban myth of putting your tech into rice. Take it to a professional tech repair shop ASAP. They have the tools to quickly take it apart, dry/clean it out and get it working for you. $29 is an acceptable fee for this service although if parts need to be replaced it could be more. More serious damage will require a tech with advanced skills. Call first!

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Remote tech support is a great way for you or a loved one to get help for your tech when it isn’t working the way you want it to or your device has gotten a virus/malware or worse. A remote tech support company is tech support that you can connect with from the comfort of your home with a trusted company through trusted software. A well established and legitimate company will offer support on desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone devices.

When you tech is broken, fix it! A tech repair shop is just around the corner.

Tech repair professionals can fix almost any issue you encounter to help you get more life out of your tech. From quick and easy issues like a cracked screen or battery replacement on your iPhone to more complex issues like a speaker not working, broken buttons, no signal, dead battery or a device stuck on the loading screen. There is almost no issue a tech repair professional can’t fix.

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